You Weekend hard, you party hard, yet you have never heard of this thing they call a hangover.

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You had a pinterest board labeled “wedding” 8 years ago but you would never tell anyone. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me. 

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You are told you’re the life of the party. You have been kicked out of at least two fantasy football leagues your partner told you to join, and you are absolutely changing into a mini dress to party in. You don't follow the rules. 


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You accidentally stumbled and fell into an engagement. Therefore, I know you run perpetually late, but your’re so calm about it, you make everyone else feel silly for being early. You love a dive bar, wearing oversized sweats is your love language, and of course…you buy Capri after only trying on 2 other dresses. 


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You had never considered wearing a wedding dress but you always wanted to wear a veil. Get Your Dress on. 


You could easily have 14 bridesmaids, you refer to your friends as the milestone season you were in when you met them, you love a cold beer and may or may not run a book club.

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You know Photobooths are meant to be taken seriously. You do make the rules and you enforce them. 


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You identify with “sporty spice”, you really don't like attention, but you’re competitive, so by nature you get a LOT of attention. You wouldn’t mind being outside and camping, but you do need a spa day after. 


You take a sunset picture every night, you order chicken nuggets and ranch at most restaurants, you were nominated best dressed in high school or didn’t get nominated for anything…because you were best dressed in high school. 

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You once pinned the infamous Kate Moss smoking a cigarette picture, you know Carolyn Kennedy is your wedding icon and you wont stop telling everyone you met. There is a chance you have been called stubborn and you like that. 


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You like long walks on the beach while pretending you’re a mermaid, you drink aperol spritz ironically, and you have mentioned to your partner that you need at least 2.5 hours of alone time before you speak in the morning. 

mirella Skirt

Your friends all know you are the life of the party. Its not the champagne keg stands, it's the trivia skills. 

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You have referenced yourself as easy your entire life. Be Easy. Wear Noemi.


You have no idea how you got here, but you like it here and you're kinda sure why.

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Your ideal day is an espresso martini and then another. Maybe you’ll order some fries with that, but only if the carpet is fancy at this rather interesting bar you have landed at. 

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You know deep down wearing pink on Wednesday feels right, pretending you have a real housewife tagline does in fact determine your mood, and you will absolutely be wearing some sort of hat by the end of your wedding.